Affection Research Lab

Visceral experiences to reconfigure our relationship and perception of the technological everyday. In fulfillment of Graduate Thesis at Media Design Practices at Art Center College of Design. More:


My thesis research within the larger categories of sound and interaction revealed an interest in developing idiosyncratic modes of visceral experiences. With an inquiry driven by subjective, sublime, and visceral values; this thesis is situated in a world that is increasingly connected, technologically linked, and globally mediated. Where one is inundated with quantitative functional models of display and interactions; leaving no room for thought or meaning. Focus was placed on exploring ways of harnessing the incidental sound of electronic devices within interactions and experiences to reconfigure our perception of the objects and infrastructures which define our technologically expanding landscape. For more information visit the main project website:

Official Statement:
The Affection Research Lab has been created to develop Affection Stations and The Signal Archive, with the mission to become the seed of a device-affection development center and institution. ARL provides a counterpoint to today’s utilitarian computation culture and help to make affective computing and interaction more common. ARL fosters device-affection through the framework of the electromagnetic activity and incidental sounds of mobile devices.

ARL provokes a paradigm shift of our perception of mobile devices by poetically exploring electronic and digital transparency through the sound of electromagnetic activity. Rather than providing awareness or caution ARL instigates the design of electromagnetic activity, being productive with it — harnessing incidental sound. ARL delves into the seemingly organic chaotic nature of our electronic devices to develop human-computer affection and interaction design; and unveils a new way of looking at the inevitable electromagnetic spectrum.