Architecture Research Office Website

Designed and developed while at The Map Office in collaboration with Scott Stowell at OPEN.


Scott Stowell of OPEN approached The Map Office with a fresh new rebrand of ARO. With a strong background in print and brand development, OPEN requested Map to develop a new web presence for the New York-based architecture firm. Having heard of The MiG, Map’s in-house content management system, Scott was eager to implement the web app to round out the rebranding of the firm. In development of the front of the site, I was appointed the tasks of Project Management, User Interface Consulting, and Programming. Features of the site include: custom portfolio/presentation, pdf creation, printing, search, and deep linking. The site not only acts an online portfolio, but as a presentation tool for any designer in the firm, or any visitor to the site. The site is completely managed by ARO using The MiG.