Hello. I am a Creative Director with extensive knowledge and experience in Graphic Design, Interaction Design, and Creative Technology.

Recently I was the Principal and Creative Technologist/Director at The Rare Studio; we collaborated with early-stage and established companies providing design and consultation services. Some of these collaborations include: app design, website development, digital electronics & prototyping, interactive installations, educational lectures & workshops, printed matter, and strategic consultation.

The other half of my time is spent teaching, directing, and lecturing design studio courses on topics such as: user centered design, autonomous automobiles, sonic interaction, ecosystems; and web design, communication design, and advanced typography. My days are split between writing algorithms, creative code, and job proposals. Designing interfaces and course curriculum. Giving client presentations and class lectures. Soldering circuits and connecting CLO’s to PLO’s to ILO’s. And teaching designers and artists how to observe people and inversely how to observe nature.

I’m an INFJ, a M-Shaped Designer, and a Pisces. I enjoy an eclectic taste in music, reading non-fiction, watching sci-fi and documentaries, and whiskey on the rocks. I’ve been an amateur guitarist for about 22 years and have been in four bands, and subsequently recorded four albums. My musical endeavors have since transformed into an experimental sound & composition practice; a creative community I have yet to deeply get involved with.