Media Design Practices Website Video

Documenting a website for an atypical Graduate Design Program at Art Center College of Design.

When asked to document a website for the Graduate Media Design Practices Program at Art Center College of Design, it was clear that a quicktime screen grab would not suffice. The goal of the video was to place the website into the context of the screen. Websites live on tangible physical objects that have pixels, finger smudges, and moire patterns. The video strives to be as real and simple as possible.

There are very few websites, let alone educational websites that implement experimental approaches to online marketing. The MDP website is far from your typical parallax scrolling, jQuery laden website. Instead the site explores a contextual information driven mode of content delivery. Carefully balancing a signal to noise ratio based on the filters and solidified content found on the far left side of the site. Whereas on the right hand side of the site there is a plethora of social media and orbiting content found on various resources like: Cargo Collective, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo, and more. The site provides the visitor — a prospective student — a portal into the real-time events that make up the department and access to the channels to deep dive when needed. Should the website have a slideshow of images or of its latest updates? We don’t know. The better question would be: is the site achieving its goal of driving admissions?