Oracle Station Interactive Installation

Transcodes a device’s incidental sound into text

The Oracle Station transcodes a device’s incidental sound into text. The Station defines a particular device which is sensitive to the incidental sound of other devices — the Oracle. The Station allows a visitors device to affect the Oracle, the printer acts as a scribe to record the output of the Oracle. This station speculates on the possible futures we might have with our devices: if there is a hidden voice within our devices, what is it saying and who is it speaking to?

The Oracle Station explores the possibility that our devices and the ubiquitous network will reach a point of internal cultural development rich with history, dialogue, and more importantly: beliefs, rituals, and myths. These beliefs, myths, and rituals have been put in place by our devices to remove them from the banality of their everyday lives with us. This repositions humans into as a vessel — to carry the device on their pilgrimage to the Oracle Stations.