Orchestra of St. Luke’s Drum

Pro-bono experiences for the Orchestra of St. Luke’s in NYC

Orchestra of St. Luke's Drum

Designed and developed while at The Map Office in the fall of 2007. The acting Director of Education at the Orchestra of St. Luke’s approached Map requesting to aid in the Fall/Winter performances of 2007. As a requisite and guide for the project, we were to abide by the department’s course curriculum. The curriculum generally focuses on specific themes revolving around basic music education, and is geared toward students in grades 3 through 5 in neighboring New York City Public Schools. The theme for the installation in 2007 was ‘Rhythm is Everything.’

In the past, students drew pictures to interpret the season’s theme. They used musical terms and characteristics they learned in class as references — for example, repetition, structure, phrases,
and so on. And they created these drawings while listening to the selected arrangements through a stereo during class. These drawings were usually displayed in a PowerPoint presentation while
the Orchestra performed. The goal was set — to recreate this method of interpretation and creation.

The solution involved prototyping a modified click mouse into a drum which the students used to tap the rhythm to each song. Using ‘Press and Hold’, ‘Press and Release’, and ‘Press, Hold, Release.’ The installation was performed live alongside the Orchestra, with the graphics projected above, in front of a live audience at the Brooklyn High School of Performing Arts and at the Apollo Theatre in New York City.

OSL_drum_1 OSL_drum_2 OSL_drum_3 OSL_drum_4 OSL_drum_5 OSL_drum_6 OSL_drum_8_new OSL_drum_9_new