Orchestra of St. Luke’s Wii Experience

Pro-bono experiences for the Orchestra of St. Like’s in NYC. Designed and developed while at The Map Office in 2008.


Created as a sequel to the 2007 installation for the Orchestra, the 2008 Fall/Winter installation utilized the Nintendo Wii Remote as an interactive controller. With the seasons theme of “Home is Everything: New York City,” selected students ranging from grades 3-5 were asked to photograph “their” New York City. These images were then translated by Map and placed into an image bank for each composition. Using the Wii Remote, an infrared sensor and detecting application, students were transformed into ‘visual conductors’ where they created collages in real-time controlling size, tint, and frequency. The students created the collages alongside the Orchestra with the imagery projected above. Performances took place at the Brooklyn High School of Performing Arts and the Apollo Theatre in New York City.

Eddie Opara: Creative Director
Salvador Orara: Interface Design, Project Management
Raed Atoui: Programming
Frank LaRocca: Design

OSL_wii_1 OSL_wii_2 OSL_wii_3 OSL_wii_4 OSL_wii_5 OSL_wii_6 OSL_wii_7