Project T.I.N.Y. Interactive Installation

A public interactive installation developed collaboration with Garson Yu and Yu+CO in NYC


The Rare Studio collaborated with Garson Yu on The Interactive New York (T.I.N.Y), a sonic interactive installation. Garson Yu reached out to Rare for our expertise and experience in Sonic Interaction Design, to develop an interactive audio/visual installation. The installation of cinematic visuals, projected onto 8 shipping containers, took place at NYC’s Pier 57 soon to be the Superpier.

Participants interacted by speaking or screaming into a microphone provided at each container, using the amplitude and frequency of their voice as controls. A low frequency would rewind the film and a high frequency would move the film forward. Noise from the environment and the many ways one can alter the pitch and amplitude of their voice all contribute to this unique audio visual storytelling of NYC. The Rare Studio provided sound as input and sound as output, and consulted on the overall sonic experience taking place throughout the 20,000 square foot installation.

Feature video created by Yu+CO

Sound as Input
The sound as input was created using the open source program; Pure Data(PD). Using Pure Data coupled with a MOTU Pre 8 Audio Interface we were able to asynchronously analyze each of the 8 microphones at run-time. By creating a myriad of FFT analyses patches we were able to send OSC data packets to the two PC computers controlling the video playback on each container.

Sound as Output
The sound as output was a tricky task to pull off. Having no pre-determined locations for specific sound output, we were left with devising a mobile system for creating “easter eggs”. Each “easter egg” comprised of an Arduino, an Audio Shield loaded with a sample, a motion detection sensor, and a speaker set. Due to the lack of time and hand-power, each of the 16 easter eggs were custom created by hand in collaboration with Justin Gier, and project assistants Aaron Fooshee and Shawn Jackson. Further development occurred on-site — soldering and testing in the dark. All sound samples were provided by Walter Werwoza at Musikvergnuegen.

Video by Justin Gier

Production & Installation
Both sound in and sound out systems were created in 3 weeks, and took 5 days to install, test, tweak, and launch, and ran for 2 weeks. The complete installation devised by Garson Yu was put together by a small team of creative individuals. For the Visual side of the project the team had Sebastian Neitsch and Refik Anadol.

Justin Gier, Sebastian Neitsch, Salvador Orara, Refik Anadol, Efsun Erkilic