Red Corners: Observing an intersection

A three-hour observation of drivers and passengers at stop lights

Red Corners is the result of observing drivers at red lights. Specifically at the intersection of Glenarm and Fair Oaks in Pasadena, California, between 7 and 10 am. The goal of the project was to observe a space, specifically a transient space, which to my best knowledge can be described as a location that exists as a defined space for a very shot period of time. My inquiry declared that a drivers position at a stop light was declared “their space” for that brief, 2-minute moment in time. I wanted to learn about human behaviors within that space through the limited survey of video documentation. The driving question: what are people doing when they are in the vehicle but are not actively operating it?

Design proposals were made in response to this research, which included advertising, games, and news feeds. I am currently organizing that content and will update this post soon (noted: 4/22/15). Ethically, I did not request permission from any of these passengers or drivers, and all license plates were cropped out of the footage.