Tonalis Luminous

Tonalis Luminous is an exploration of animism and the Internet of Things

This project is an investigation into how the Internet of Things can utilize the natural tendency of people to think of their surroundings as if they were animate — that is, objects and spaces have motivation, intention and/ or consciousness. It is an attempt to express animism through a group of simple objects. Simple objects which express their inner lives through the use of sound — where the individual tone and rhythmic behavior of individual objects collectively define a larger sound, presence, and mood. Bestowing the Tonalis with the personality of being vocal and being fed with light, the tonalis shifts through different tonal moods throughout the day. Some of these moods may sound extremely similar but they will never be the same. Similar to how we water our plants and talk to them, the tonalis has a simple mode of interaction by controlling the amount of light each plant receives. Pruning individual tonalis can set the collective whole into a new rhythmic territory, only to have them sway back into its natural state or mood.