UCLA A.UD Rumble ’13 Event Marketing

Event Branding and Marketing for UCLA Architecture and Urban Design



UCLA A.UD Rumble 2013

The project includes the design and pre-press oversight of a 16-page 1-color pamphlet printed on newsprint via web offset printing. In addition, we design and develop a simple microsite, animated-gif web ads hosted on Archinect, campus flyers, and this year we made an official flag and banner for the event.

The two-day event that solidifies our passionate commitment to sharing idea-driven work beyond UCLA. Critics, alumni, faculty, and friends come to A.UD to grapple with a broad range of rigorous research and speculation created by students at the school over the course of the academic year. Since launching the extravaganza in 2006, RUMBLE has become highly anticipated by a wide audience of students, critics and designers from Los Angeles and across the globe.