Case Studies

Below is a collection of career case studies that uncover how design was utilized as a strategic force for decision-making, innovation, and holistic education.

The case studies below are password-protected and used for interviews, presentations, and client engagement. Each study articulates a specific mode of working as an educator, in-house designer, start-up designer, and design entrepreneur.
The Innovation Minor
University of Portland
Innovation Professor of Practice / Director of Innovation
August 2019 – January 2024
This case study focuses on the implementation, management, and facilitation of all courses associated with the Innovation Minor. The project uncovers the creation of Program Learning Outcomes, Course Learning Outcomes, and Core Competencies. 
Designing luxury in-vehicle infotainment
Jaguar Land Rover
Lead User Experience Strategist & Product Owner
July 2015 – March 2019
Navigating the political environment of a luxury automotive manufacturer with user experience design, research, and strategy. This case study unpacks the challenges of transforming a company's perspective of the preconceived notion that design is just about making things look pretty. I'll specifically focus on different methods and approaches to exemplify the power of design as a strategic force in product innovation. 
Designing a music messaging app  
Beatshare, Inc. 
Principal Designer, UI/UX, Visual Brand and Marketing (Founding shareholder)
April 2014 – May 2015
An entrepreneurial journey of launching a social media application. This case study focuses on the experience of designing a bespoke user interface to easily edit and share snippets of songs with your friends as messages. The study also includes designing the initial brand and seed stage pitch presentations and supporting content. 
Starting and running a design studio in Los Angeles
The Rare Studio
Founder, Principal Creative Technologist
June 2012 – June 2015
This case study focuses on the journey of bootstrapping a small design studio focused on creative technology and human-centered design. Acting more as a memoir, it unpacks the attempt to launch a design studio in Los Angeles, CA. 
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