Course Overview
This course was invented by Bruce Hubbard and focused on asking and scientifically answering questions about physical phenomena
Scientists answer questions by distilling a big idea down into simple questions that can be explored through experimentation. There are two broad categories of science: confirmatory and exploratory. Confirmatory science tests a particular hypothesis, whereas exploratory science searches for a hypothesis. Final projects will seek to test or explore a question. Students will discover the scientific method as a process that can be used to drive their artistic and design practice or be driven by their artistic and design practice.
Course Learning Outcomes
• Learn to ask and answer questions scientifically using the scientific method.
• Develop the skill and process of the scientific method.
• Apply and synthesize scientific thinking & critical thinking methods.
• Communicate through written form and the basic structure of scientific documentation.
• Creatively bridge the scientific method's role in an art and design practice.
Course Topics
• Observation of a Candle
• Immersive Pinhole Theater
• Microscopes and Seeing Machines
• Tyndall Scattering & Metameric Color
• Cymatics
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