Designed and Illustrated in 2009 while at The Map Office. Rumble is an end-of-year event held at UCLA's Architecture and Urban Design Department. The Map Office was given the opportunity to brand and develop the marketing materials for the three-day event. 
The design and illustration/storytelling were created to communicate the indescribable event that Rumble embodied. For the 2009 campaign, we explored the concept of the "bruin" to metaphorically embody the students as they battle to communicate and defend their work to the visiting critics, who were conveyed as visitors from another planet. 
Other materials included: 
- 16-page, self-cover, saddle-stitched brochure
- 3-part campaign of web ads 
- Microsite
- Poster
- Flyers of varying sizes
- Vinyl graphics throughout the department building

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