Created in 2009 while working at The Map Office, under contract with J. Walter Thompson. 
Over 100 fans were invited to shoot the official music video for the Noisettes single Saturday Night, using only Nokia mobile devices. This rich internet application, developed entirely in Adobe Flex, allowed visitors to filter through over 200 short clips and edit their own music videos. 
Under the watchful eye of a leading music promo director, Kim Gehrig, the fans filmed the Noisettes playing in a disused swimming pool in East London capturing all the energy and excitement of an exceptional Saturday Night out. The fans were both the cast and crew. The application lived on and only lived for a few months; the application allowed visitors to edit their own videos and share them on Facebook. 
Raed Atoui - Back-end development, The Map Office
Eddie Opara - Creative Direction, The Map Office
Graham Wood - Creative Direction, JWT
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