Career case studies that demonstrate the depth and breadth of my skills and abilities.
(Some of these are password protected)​​​​​​​
Discovering requirements and iterations needed to achieve the vision of an academic program
School of Nursing, University of Portland
Innovation Professor of Practice, Director of Innovation
Facilitation, Mediation, Design Thinking, Content Mapping, Product Strategy, Visioning, Staff Research
Challenge: Facilitate a four-day workshop for 40-50 nursing faculty to increase communication and collaboration by discovering and refining a robust four-year curriculum. 
Introducing a new learning feature to enhance the academic experience and potential impact of graduates
School of Nursing, University of Portland
Innovation Professor of Practice, Director of Innovation
Design Thinking, Learning Experience Design, Presentation, and Workbook Design
Challenge: Design a Design Thinking workshop that can be facilitated by nursing faculty for first and second-year nursing students (300+ students). Note: The project was published with the Western Institute of Nursing in 2022.
Conducting research and market analysis to determine the value and meaning of transforming the creative economy
Syvil, Inc.
User Experience Design and Research (contractor)
Service Design, Mobile Application Design, UX Research & UI Design, Product Strategy, Vision, Customer Research
Challenge: Support a startup and its vision to decrease the amount of wasted membership fees, upsell and diversify the patronage and membership of partnering entities, and foster an equitable creative economy through a mobile application.
Facilitating conversation and understanding of product requirements, design, and the roadmap to life 
Jaguar Land Rover
Lead User Experience Strategist, Product Owner
Builder, Programmer, Presenter, Strategist, Synthesist, Product Analysis, Road Mapping, Requirements Management
Challenge: Create a process and toolchain to "left shift" the development of future HMI. The Global HMI Rig sought to streamline cross-functional communication between several verticals and sub-organizations and provide global development teams with up-to-date prototypes. ​​​​​​​
Interrogating the product vision through design fiction
Jaguar Land Rover
Lead User Experience Strategist, Product Owner
Research, Trend, Scenario, and Script Writing, Journey Mapping, Creative Direction, Product Strategy, Visioning
Challenge: Introduce the method of Design Fiction to explore the implications of new technologies and the experiences and interactions they might engender. Support the transformation of the "Future Features" team into the "Future Experiences" team, initiating a business strategy shift from "feature-centered" to human-centered.​​​​​​​
Shaping the foundation of the user experience capability within the organization through the design and integration of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Services into Infotainment and HMI
Jaguar Land Rover
Lead User Experience Developer (contractor)
UX and UI Design, Software Developer, User Researcher, Process Analyst, Product Strategy, Vendor Management
Challenge: Guide a team of designers, researchers, and software developers to design, prototype, and test concepts and specify a system interaction model with the added challenge of exploring the integration of agile and scrum within a traditional engineering process. ​​​​​​​
Exploring the value and meaning of music as a mode of communication and connection through entrepreneurship
Beatshare, Inc. 
Creative Director, UI/UX, Brand (Founding shareholder)
Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Brand Design, Animation, Prototypes, Pitch Presentations, Market Analysis, Customer Research, Product Strategy
Challenge: Support a startup by designing a bespoke user interface to easily edit and share snippets of songs with your friends, including the initial brand design and seed stage pitch presentations and content. 
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