This album and its associated visual and video content were created for the Covert Gallery at the University of Portland.

Gallery Didactic:
Salvador Orara’s art combines creative technology, media design, and sound, using emerging technologies to transform subjects into abstraction and surrealism. He begins by engaging with a subject, a person, or an idea, creating a system or process and allowing it to unfold, finding comfort and relief in rarely knowing how an artwork or creation might speak. These pieces are inspired by the mental health of industry professionals turned educators and the imposter syndrome and self-doubt he has experienced in this role. Processing these emotions fuels his creative voice, and his reliance on emerging technologies allows his art practice to transform, always trusting the fluid approach to lead to the full expression of his persistence and triumph.

About the work:
The show's center point is six audio tracks, which influenced the creation of six accompanying videos and posters.
The Audio Tracks

The audio tracks were created using an evolving collection of modular synthesizers. These instruments include semi-modular synths such as the Moog Subharmonicon and the Make Noise Strega. 

The primary euro rack modules involved include: 
Make Noise
After Later Audio
Benjolin V2 + Morcom + Enigma 

Disting mk4
Slö Multi Texture Reverb
The videos
Hello, Ambiguity. The fuzzy front end should be a drink. 
Welcome, Complexity. The many veils of deceit. 
The Posters
Greetings, Volatility. The psychological profile of those who succeed here. 
Digital print.
24” W x 36” H
Hey, Ambiguity. The fuzzy front end should be a drink.
Digital print
24” W x 36” H
Good day, Corruption. “You stole innovation from us.”
Digital print.
24” W x 36” H
Welcome, Complexity. The many veils of deceit.
Digital print.
24” W x 36” H
Hello, Uncertainty. A reading from the Book of Wonder.
Digital print.
24” W x 36” H
Hi, Anxiety. “You are the problem here.”
Digital print.
24” W x 36” H

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